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Welcome to our Training Video & Product Demo section. Here you will find numerous helpful tips & tricks from Grow Experts as well as product demonstrations so you know how, what, when and where! Check back often as we update this section periodically to bring you the latest and greatest! 

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Hawthorne Gardening Company Presents the Fast Fit 

How to Assemble The Fast Fit


SunGrip Push Button Release UPDATE


How to Install a Double-Ended Lamp


Titan Controls - Spartan Series Lighting Controllers

Titan Controls - How to Operate a Saturn 5

Titan Controls - Saturn 6

Titan Controls - How to Operate an Atlas 2 CO2 Controller

Titan Controls - How to Operate an EOS1

App Controlled Grow Room with Titan Controls

Titan Controls - Helios 1,2,3,4 & 5

Titan Controls - Helios 6,7, & 8

Titan Controls Hyperion 1 - Grow wirelessly from up to 150 FEET AWAY!

Titan Controls Atlas 2


Ideal-Air - How to Select the Right HVAC Equipment for your Grow Room

The Importance of Controlling Temperature & Humidity in Your Grow Room

Ideal-Air - Problems with High Humidity in Your Grow Room

Ideal-Air™ Dehumidifiers


Phresh Intake Filters

Phresh Carbon Filters Story


Gro Pro Nursery Pots

Gro Pro Fabric Pots


Sun Hut Blackout Grow Tents

Sun Hut - The Big Easy


Mother Earth Soils


Shear Perfection Trimming Tools


Hydro Flow Rain Ring


Super Sprouter Premium Propagation Kit


Quest Dehumidifier Installation Tips

Quest Climate Control Equipment is Made in America!


TNB Naturals The Enhancer Tent Test

About TNB Naturals

TNB Naturals The Enhancer Instructional Video

TNB Naturals The Refill Pack Instructions


Pro-Mix Biofungicide + Mycorrhizae


Photobio LEDs: How Quality is Made

Phantom Photobio MX

Phantom 50 Series DE Lighting System

Phantom Dual 315W CMH System


Jump Start Hot House


Key Horticultural Lighting Terms



Active Air HD Floor and Pedestal Fans


Autopilot CO2 Generators

Autopilot Desktop CO2 Monitor

Autopilot APC8200 CO2 Monitor


Active Aqua Air Pumps

Active Aqua Chillers


OxyClone Cloning System


Quantum PAR Meter