Roots Organics


This schedule is a general guideline for soil and soilless gardening. Soil users, please alternate usage between water and fertilizer.


If possible, mix the solution in water around twenty-four hours in advance. This step is not necessary, but it can be helpful because it allows the pH of the solution to rise to a more appropriate range. We don’t recommend storing the mixed solution for more than two to three days unless the aeration and mixing are aggressive. Use an air pump and air stones and add a circulation pump for the best mixing results. Any pH adjustment should be done just prior to feeding your plants. We suggest a pH range from 5.5 to 6.5 for our potting soil. Water to a light runoff. (If the soil is particularly dried out, quickly pre-water a small amount and then return a few minutes later to begin your feeding.)

Periodically apply dry nutrients on top of the coco mulch, in amounts based on container size, according to the table to the right. Once your plants start to grow rapidly, feed with liquid nutrients at every stage up until the final week of flush.  

When introducing a new fertilizer to your program, start slow and gradually increase levels to ensure compatibility and avoid fertilizer excess. If you don’t notice benefits in your harvest from any product you are using, whether ours or another company’s, don’t use it.